The Temple

Size Guide

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I'm unable to sell these directly from my shop, but please use the contact page and I will make it happen for you!

The Temple is a smoking tool and tray designed for everyday use, particularly by anyone that has issues with their hands, or if you're just messy :) The entire top surface of the pipe is a small tray area that allows herbs to be ground and poured before pushing down into the bowl.

My goal was to design something that was beautiful to look at and hold, but that had some serious utility. The bowl of this piece is deep, and it's also possible to literally pack into the tray and rapid-fire it all if you really need it. I have severe carpal tunnel issues in my hands and this is my go-to piece.

This piece is available in a variety of finishes, from solid colors to ornate crystallines or dripping in gold. The Temple starts at $80 and goes up from there.