Oval Labret - Sandblasted Obsidian

Size Guide

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Estimated production time is 10-14 business days

An oval labret carved from Obsidian (volcanic glass) that has a flat-curve (curved side to side) face with a matte sandblasted finish. This matte finished face gives a unique soft black aesthetic. The wear surface, wings, and rear concave are all high polish, of course! 

Standard specifications are 11mm wearable length, 4mm wings, and a concave back. I can make yours to suit your mouth if you request any of the following specific dimensions:

  • wearable length 
  • back width/wings width
  • concave depth

See #9 in our "Size Guide" link above for more information on these measurements.

These pieces will be made in aesthetically pleasing oval shapes (wide horizontally, thinner vertically) with the correct circumference to fit a standard round piercing. If you already wear an oval piece and like specific dimensions, please send those along in your order comments. To convert your oval to the closest standard round size, wrap a string around your piece and measure the circumference, then divide that number by 3.14 and order the appropriate size. If your size is not listed, just get in touch, we can still do it, we just have to talk to you to get exact details.

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