Moss Doublet Plugs (Moss Agate + Quartz)

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The new "Moss" style gives an often missed peek at the beautiful mossy Manganese inclusions in Moss Agate. By slicing the material incredibly thin and combining it with quartz, I've created a new aesthetic for jewelry that allows everyone to see the gorgeous details that are hidden in this stone when it's solid.

These pieces are "doublets," which means they are created by combining two stones. The thin slice of moss agate resides on the rear of solid high-end quartz plugs, allowing the domed front face of the quartz to magnify the material. They are reversible and can be worn with the moss agate forward also. The Moss Agate lies outside the flare edge, so there are no adhesive seams on the wearing surface.

For more info on doublets and the process, see my blog article Alchemy with Stone

It takes a while to cut down the ideal material for each pair, so production time varies. Larger sizes take longer, mostly due to the difficulty of getting this high-end Uraguayan quartz big enough.

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