Ghost in the Shell - Turkish Purple Jade

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Ghost in the Shell

A minimalist, futuristic form partially inspired by the amazing manga and movie of the same name, which explores ideas about networks, consciousness, and interaction of the mind (Ghost) with the body (Shell).

2016 Association of Professional Piercers "Creative Innovation" award winner!

The form for Ghost in the Shell is two layers with Turkish Purple Jade inlays (composed of nephrite jade, feldspar, and other minerals) prong set at the rear of the piece. This creates an interesting feeling of depth and visually frames the inlay. The shape of these weights is almost an optical illusion, appearing much flatter than it really is when viewed from straight on. This design has the unique characteristic of reflecting both the external environment and the internal "Ghost," the natural stone set within, depending on the angle of view.

Dual wearing surfaces give a unique look and also prevent it from rotating back and forth in the lobe, so it will always face the same direction. This style is worn through the gap between the two layers by inserting the stone setting through the lobe. It will squeeze into 16mm+ lobes and looks great in larger sizes. The double wearing surface is very comfortable. Weight on these pieces is about 40 grams.

Dimensions are approximately 65mm tall, 50mm wide, and 20mm from front to back. Cast in yellow lead-free silicon bronze. From design through casting, stone carving and setting, Ghost in the Shell is 100% made in the USA.

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