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Chiapas Amber Plugs

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Estimated production time is 4-6 weeks.

Double flared genuine amber plugs carved from material sourced in the Chiapas region of Mexico. We source this material directly from the mines in the highlands of Chiapas. Because of the location of the mines, the fact that they are hand dug and their susceptibility to flooding during the rainy season, this amber material is not available in large quantity. We buy as much as we can when it is available. We prefer this material to other ambers (particularly Baltic) because of the deeper, richer color and less brittle nature. This specific material also has history as a material for body adornment and ritual objects amongst cultures throughout Mexico.

Amber sometimes has ancient organic matter inclusions dispersed randomly throughout the material. These plugs will be clear to moderately included, depending on the material that is the best match for your size. We welcome your preference but cannot guarantee an exact match. Please remember, you are purchasing a rare natural material from a specific region, not a specific color or pattern. When cut thin, amber appears lighter in color. Smaller sizes tend to be more pale in color and larger sizes appear more saturated.

Each pair is hand carved to your specifications. You are welcome to specify wearing surface width and flare size, and we are happy to do rounded or flat faces per your request. We will not make tunnels, pieces with flares larger than 2mm or concaves for this product. For more options, which would be considered a custom project, don't hesitate to get in touch directly.

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