Chiapas Amber

Size Guide

Amber is one of our favorite materials to carve, and we work more of it than any other domestic producer of body jewelry. We source this authentic, natural amber material directly from the mines in the highlands of Chiapas. Because of the location of the mines, the fact that they are hand dug and their susceptibility to flooding during the rainy season, this amber material is not available in large quantity and we purchase what we can when it's available. We prefer this material to other ambers (particularly Baltic) because of the deeper, richer color and less brittle nature. This specific material also has history as a material for body adornment and ritual objects amongst cultures throughout Mexico, and we dig that.

Amber is available for solid round plugs and teardrops, labrets, and inlays into plugs and many of our ear weight styles. We have round plugs listed on the site available for immediate purchase - there's no need to contact us for those unless your size is not listed. We're happy to custom make teardrops, carved flowers, or any other style you might like provided the material is suitable.

Large pieces of amber are exceptionally valuable and jewelry sizes between 26mm (1") and 51mm (2") increase dramatically in price, reaching into the thousands on the larger end. This is simply due the rare nature of large, solid pieces of amber suitable for making jewelry in these sizes.

If you'd like to learn more about amber, check out my blog post Amber: Gem of the Sun which features some history about use of the material and more photos of raw material, finished jewelry, and even an amber mine.