Ebony + Lapis Lazuli Inlay Plugs

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Estimated production time is 14 to 21 business days

Ebony wood plugs with Lapis Lazuli inlays. Mined as early as 7th century BC, Lapis can be found in Egyptian and Sumerian artifacts and was ground to make highly desirable "ultramarine" blue paint during the Baroque era. These cabochons are set in brass bezels and secured with a hardware setting to the wood. We use no adhesives or glue in our fine stone settings.

We use 6mm lapis inlays for plug sizes 8mm (0g) to 15mm, and 10mm lapis inlays for plug sizes 16mm (5/8") to 26mm (1"). If you have ordered our inlay plugs in the past, please note these proportions may be different than what was used many years ago. 

Carved and assembled here in our Richmond, Virginia studio.

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