Tiger Eye Plugs - 16mm (5/8")

Size Guide

Double flared, convex (rounded) face plugs carved from Tiger Eye. This pair looks very painterly with blue sweeping across the faces which creates a striking contrast against the more traditional golden brown color.

Tiger Eye is a quartz variant primarily known for the golden color and dancing light effect known as chatoyancy. The golden crystalline structure seems to shimmer and dance as lines of light move across the stone. This is the result of tiny parallel fibers in the material which reflect light perpendicular to their orientation. The effect results in a straight band of light which moves up and down the fiber direction when either the light source or the material itself is moved.

Our material is from South Africa. Tiger Eye is a unique mineral in that it is a pseudomorph - a mineral with an irregular or atypical crystalline formation that is the result of one mineral replacing another but maintaining the same crystalline structure as the original. Quartz does not form in fibrous bands but after it replaces previous fibrous minerals, it retains the fibrous structure and light play effect.