Crystalline Porcelain Plugs - Cobalt

Size Guide

Estimated production time is 8-10 weeks. (Severe carpal tunnel makes me slow, thanks for your patience!)

I'm delighted to offer a new innovation in body jewelry with these crystalline glazed porcelain plugs. These unique glazes use a combination of complex chemistry, time, and temperature to create a molten glass solution that grows crystals while cooling. These glazes have light play very similar to stones like Seraphinite.

This glaze grows deep blue crystals with a silvery flash and has a similarly colored (usually paler) blue background. The background sometimes crazes (tiny spiderweb cracks in the glaze surface), and I like it, so it stays.

The process is highly variable - each slab of material is one of a kind, so each pair of plugs will be different, just as with a natural stone. Smaller pieces may be all crystals, while larger pieces may feature some of the background color of the glaze.

The rounds in the photos are plug blanks (not finished) measuring ~18mm, for scale. This would be the starting point for carving a pair of 16mm plugs. The larger slabs showing more background are 2" to 2.5" across.