A-Grade Labradorite Plugs

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Estimated production time is 8-10 weeks. (Severe carpal tunnel makes me slow, thanks for your patience!)

Gorgeous full-flash labradorite plugs carved from our current stock of cut material.

Labradorite is one of the most popular materials that we offer due to the light play effect known as "labradorescence" which displays bright flashes of different color spectrums depending on the internal characteristics of the stone and the type and angle of light hitting it. The base stone is gray, and when displayed at the right angle, it shows color. This is a really neat effect when worn because it will show color (or not) as you move. Read more about the properties of labradorite in this blog post.

We guarantee 80%+ flash across two well matched faces, and in general most pieces below 26mm will have near 100% flash. The flash color varies wildly by stone and is subject to what we have on hand, but you're guaranteed to receive a high quality cut that shows color at the ideal view angle. If you would like to us to specifically search out cool tones (blues, aquas, etc) we have a separate product available here.

Feel free to specify a specific wearable length (between the flares) or flare size, should you need it. You may also choose between round double flared with flat faces or single flared top-hat style with flat faces for those of you who either cannot wear flares or need jewelry for cartilage or nostril piercings.

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