Trumpet Flares - Argentine Lignum Vitae

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Estimated production time is 14 to 21 business days

Trumpet flared tunnels carved from Argentine Lignum Vitae. This brown toned Central American wood frequently shows streaks of vibrant gold or green, sometimes with chatoyancy (light play) similar to tiger's eye stone.

"Trumpet" flared means that the front flare is considerably larger than the saddle while the rear flare remains a standard flare size. This creates a great visual effect of a large face on the jewelry. The style itself is a traditional style of making plugs throughout several cultures, including not only those of clay and jadeite/green stones in Mesoamerica, but also some silver work of Southeast Asian cultures.

Our standard Trumpet flare for made-to-order pieces is a front flare 6mm larger than the saddle, and this pertains to all sizes. This means the flare is proportionally larger on smaller sizes than on larger sizes. If you prefer different sizing, please let us know when you place your order.

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