SOMA Spools - Tiger's Eye

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SOMA is a science fiction inspired ear spool style with a unique triangular shape. This pair's inlay is flashy golden Tiger's Eye. It also ships with a free Pelican brand case with custom foam for storage and travel.

Technical details: 

  • Wearable from 22mm and up
  • A weight of ~68g each in bronze and ~80 in silver
  • Cast from yellow silicon bronze
  • Available in sterling silver as a custom order (increases cost dramatically)
  • Available with or without stone inlay

SOMA is designed to be heavy, yet stable. A unique oval shaped wear surface combined with very large flares allows for flexibility and comfort. This oval permits SOMA to be worn in two directions depending on what is more comfortable. It also makes it possible, combined with the triangular flares, for someone with lobes at 22mm to insert a 31mm x 6mm flare - a feat that looks impossible at first glance. Visit the SOMA blog post for a thorough explanation of the benefits of this oval wear surface.

The shape of SOMA draws inspiration from the Reuleaux Triangle (Wikipedia), a form I sketched for years before realizing it had a name and some interesting mathematical properties. In a somewhat compulsive effort, I've designed up to 32 of these triangles into one pair of SOMA spools. It occurs the most in the variation without inlays, but even the inlays themselves share this triangle shape.