Pyrite Ear Weights

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"Pyrite" is cast from a lead-free silicon bronze and each weight is about 51 grams. It is wearable from 19mm and up. They measure 30mm tall, 22mm wide, and 26mm from face to face. The exterior is highly detailed, showing a complex matrix of cubic forms covered in fine linear striations. The internal wear area is curved upward and highly polished, creating a comfortable wearing surface.

Wear photo is Jake Boomhower, piercer from Montreal, Quebec wearing pyrite weights at APP2016

Pyrite has always been one of my favorite minerals due to its interesting cubic formations, but as an iron ore (iron sulfide) I don't feel comfortable making jewelry from it. When I set out to mimic the structure of pyrite for a piece of jewelry, I considered carving or modeling a likeness, but I really loved the idea of exactly reproducing a real specimen from a specific place.

After doing some research into mines where spectacular shapes are known to occur, I combed the selections available from our vendors and looked at a dizzying number (hundreds) of specimens over several weeks. Looking at pyrite of many different formations and sizes allowed me to narrow down what I wanted to see in our finished ear weights, and I was able to select several pieces I thought would be most promising for our project.

We had detailed molds created from our chosen specimens, and those molds were injected with wax to create models of the original pyrite that I could modify. My final choice was a beautiful cubic specimen from Peru with fine striations on the cubic form.

After some play in order to decide how best to create a wearable piece that most closely resembled natural pyrite, I carved and fused two identical waxes back to back to create a mirrored piece. This allowed me to make a two sided object thick enough to carve for a comfortable wearing surface. After my newly created wax model was cleaned up, it was used to make a new mold for casting bronze, and our "Pyrite" weights were brought to life!

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