Submit your wear photos for $$!

December 07, 2018

Over the years I have made some fantastic ear weights, one at a time for one customer at a time, and promptly sent them off to homes without the ability to show them in their natural environment - being worn by truly unique people!

Some of the pieces I make have unusual insertion methods (Ghost in the Shell) or wearing surfaces that can be difficult to describe (iona) but are easy to show in a photo. I want to gather some beautiful photos of my customers showing off how you incorporate my work into your one of a kind style. As thanks, I would like to offer you $30 in credit toward your next order and a chance to win $100 in credit toward your next set of handmade ear weights.

I am specifically looking for well-photographed wear images of these styles with any stone inlay:

Dharma Ghost in the Shell

SOMA iona

Here's what I am looking for in a good wear photo:

  • Well lit with no harsh shadows on the face or the jewelry
  • Taken at a distance that shows the face and neck (for a sense of scale)
  • Taken at an angle that highlights how the jewelry interacts with your unique features
  • A lively expression - I'm not going to tell you to smile but I would like to see kind, lighthearted expressions rather than stern mugshot faces
  • Styling is your call - anything from daily wear to glamour or a theme, as long as the context makes sense with the jewelry style
  • A full resolution image from a digital camera or a newer cellular phone. You are welcome to edit it, but please send the high-resolution image and not a screenshot or a low-resolution copy

Submit your photos to - I will review them, issue your $30 credit and put you on the list for a drawing to win an additional $100 credit. If you own more than one design from my hands, I'll allow up to three entries per person and give you the $30 credit for each usable shot (up to $90), but only one entry per person into the raffle.

Obviously, by submitting your files, you allow me the right to use them. I may use them my website (on product pages, the homepage, whatever is necessary), as well as in print and on social media.

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