Make payments on the jewelry you love

For many years now I have accepted payments on custom orders. This allows us to work with customers to design pieces they adore without worrying so much about the up front costs. Aside from the extra administrative time that it took to manage those payments, it has worked well and been beneficial for both our customers and our portfolio. I have had the opportunity to make some really fantastic jewelry for our customers due to this flexibility.

As I design and produce new innovative styles and continue exploring my favorite materials, I find myself creating more one-offs and high end pieces as stock for the website. This has me wanting to expand how we take payments so the initial up-front cost is not a barrier to wearing the materials and styles you love. I'm pleased to say that I have settled on a solution that streamlines the payment process and gives you some flexibility in scheduling payments to fit your lifestyle.

I've integrated the payment management system into our store, giving the ability for customized payment plans with no credit checks or interest. It is simply an agreement between you and me. I will place a hold on the unique jewelry of your choice and you will make automated payments on it for an agreed upon term. The only difference between this system and our old way of taking payments on custom orders is that you adjust the plan to suit your needs and we no longer have to keep track of invoices or send payment requests. Those aspects are automated so we can focus on more important work.

So, here's how it works! Select products over $200 will have a note under the "Add to Cart" button as shown below.

Onetribe Payments

After adding to your cart, you'll have the option to complete a single payment by clicking "Checkout," or you can schedule multiple secure payments using Make sure you select the appropriate link based on your location - either USA or International, because the resulting payment plans have different shipping costs associated with them.

Onetribe Payments

The first step will be creating a quick account or logging in if you already have one. The account (which takes just a few seconds to create) will allow you to manage your payments once you complete your order. Notice the payment summary is already pre-filled with default terms, which are adjustable.

Once logged in, you'll enter your customer information as if you were placing a typical order. Make sure your shipping address is correct! We'd hate to ship to the wrong place after all of the anticipation of finishing up payments on a great set of jewelry :)

Next, you'll adjust your plan terms. These are the customizations you can make to your plan:

  • Down Payment (20% to 50% of order total)
  • Plan Duration (1 to 3 months)
  • Payment Frequency (1 to 4 weeks)

Use the sliders or enter numbers into each field, and the payment plan to the right will adjust to show you what is due today, the balance, number of payments and how much each payment will be. The line "Shipping + Plan Fee" includes flat rate shipping for your order (USPS Priority in the USA and USPS First-Class for International) and also includes a small fee (about 5%) which helps to cover the cost we pay to use this payments service.

Once you have numbers you are comfortable with, click 'Continue to Payment."

This last screen is where you'll enter your payment information, and the scrollable text box (which will look different depending on your device) will show you your payment dates and is your contract for this order. Finish filling in your information and click "Process Down Payment." The system will place your order with us, schedule your remaining payments, and send you an email confirmation.

Congrats! You've now reserved a unique set of jewelry with flexible payments. Once your last payment processes, we'll either prepare your jewelry for shipment or schedule it for production if it's a made-to-order item. Production times listed on our products start the business day after the order is paid in full.

Soon you'll have new jewels in your hands! If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to contact us.