IONA is coming!

I've been hard at work on some new ear weight styles to debut at this year's Association of Professional Piercers conference, and I am pleased to introduce Iona (E-Oh-Nah).

IONA ear weights from Onetribe

This asymmetrical hanging style is a playful exercise in stacking shapes with light play, negative space, and movement as the design's focus. The rear layer is a backless stone setting framed in negative space, and it showcases a massive stone inlay (Amber in this pair).

Insertion is via the smallest layer at the front, and it sits with a gently curved wearing surface against the lobe. They are mirrored left/right and wear slightly differently depending on which orientation you choose. Iona is wearable as small as 14mm (9/16") with a recommended minimum of 16mm (5/8") for easier insertion/removal, and will be available with nearly any stone in my collection as an inlay option.

Iona will be available to piercers attending the APP conference in June, and retail customers interested in one of the first pairs are encouraged to contact an attending piercer and have them pick up a pair for you. Immediately after the show I will put any remaining pairs on the website for retail customers, and I'll start a preorder for the first full retail batch to be completed in August.

UPDATE: A preorder for Iona is now live at and includes a limited number of pairs in four different materials.