Maya Incised Jadeite Bird Ear Flare

Material: Jadeite
Culture: Maya
Location: Chiapas, Mexico
Period: Middle to Late Pre-Classic Maya (400 BCE to 250 AD)
Size: 42mm x 44mm x 30mm (height & width of face & wearing size)
Weight: 27g

Uniquely colored splotchy green to black jadeite ear flare with a somewhat squared off contour. The edge carving resembles four birds. Biconically drilled holes adorn four points on the face, and I see these as eyes, while the edge contours represent beaks, and the curved incised lines could be wings. My favorite part about these pieces is the fine incised line around the hollow center. This is hard enough to do accurately with modern electrically powered tools, and would have taken considerable skill to carve in a more primitive fashion.